509 Seasonal Espresso Subscription

509 Seasonal Espresso Subscription

from 21.00 every month

We set out to create an espresso experience that encapsulates what we love about the 509: something that pays tribute to the seasons, while being both balanced, and exciting. We want to consistently provide a blend that is clean, high quality, and vibrant enough to drink straight, while also having the ability to cut through milk. Our goal is to create a delicious blend that is simple, delicious, and with full transparency on the ingredients.

Current Blend:

Guatemala HueHuetenango

Current Espresso parameters (using 22 gram VST baskets)

21 grams in, 38 grams out, in 36 seconds. We prefer longer espresso shots pulled at slightly lower machine pressure in order to evenly extract espresso, and create sweetness and balance.

**We roast Thursday - Ship Friday. Orders placed before 9am (Pacific Time) on roast days will ship the following day.