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Roasted in Washington, USA

Specialty coffee roaster in Spokane, Washington cultivating community around coffee. 

Expo Blend

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Expo Thumbnail.jpg

Expo Blend

from 17.50

1 lb bag 

We wanted to create a consistent, and approachable filter blend that was good enough to please the most discerning palate, as well as friends and family that just want a cup of joe. It is, as always, comprised of high quality and thoughtfully sourced coffees, but it is soluble and developed enough to taste delicious on everything from your home auto-dripper, to your french press, or even a siphon bar. We strive for complete transparency for our blend components, our current Expo blend is:

50% Guatemala Los Humitos , 50% Honduras Guama Danta

**We roast Wednesday - Ship Thursday. Orders placed before 9am (Pacific Time) on roast days will ship the following day.

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